Can there be a solution to teacher stress?

Is teaching the least-stressful job? You think so? Well, I would say no profession can evade the stress hormones. The stress of a 21st-century teacher is much equivalent to what an IT professional has. Perhaps, teaching has not always been this stressful, but now things are changed. Handling hyper-active students, addressing their queries, and collecting... Continue Reading →

How to structure an SEO optimized content?

Writing is an art, especially when it comes to writing with motive. Agree? Well, one of the common reasons why certain contents rank higher in the search engine, is because they have got excellent quality and are well structured.  Structuring any content requires a great deal of cognitive skill. Fortunately, you can learn the skill... Continue Reading →

Have lies ever eased your grief?

To me, lies are invisible aegises, and I seek them when I’m drawn nearer to those menacing minutes. When things bother me inordinately, I spontaneously frame stories and notions only to dodge the upcoming disgracing moments. I suppose we all do this at times in life. Nevertheless, I never expected this would turn into an... Continue Reading →

Landmarks lost in time

Years back, when mornings were momentary and journeys seemed long-lasting - I used to make plenty of calls to that only soul mate of mine to finalize whether we’re bunking the classes or not. Upon settling the uncertainties and reaffirming, I would take quick showers, grab my lab coat, and some empty lab manuals and... Continue Reading →

dear physics teacher

Dear physics teacher, A long, long time ago, when you’re in the mid twenty’s, there existed a significant bond between us. I’m that backbencher who never stopped annoying you. You probably won’t remember me now, but for some random reason, let me remain anonymous. I know you’re doing good. I could say it with your... Continue Reading →

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