[poem]: Chased by bharals

I got up and quickly scrolled the sites to find why I'm being chased in the darkness of night; I was isolated and the untamed wilderness terrifies me forthree more hours. bharals eyes seemed to hold grudges and resentments; I dashed into the lavatory to lock myself in but the door was broken. I tugged... Continue Reading →

[Musebin]: An indecisive engagement

I was literally thrown offknowing the plan you plotted;the soft wet mixture you'rerelying on may render the groundfor the next eight generations. But, I hear the resoundingsuccess of uniting realmsbetwixt the roaring silencein my crumpet, for thou gashedthe ticking tot absurdly. The finest attireyou clothed me inis making fun of mein every possible way. I... Continue Reading →

When I tried to make memories

i. I tried to change my mind, but then, I didn't find the inspiration to change my mind. I wasn't ready to make the mistake of girdling myself with a bunch of intellects. I'm no proponent of accepting challenges that has the slightest possibility of embarrassment. But that's the thing with the beginnings, you feel... Continue Reading →

When the soul sings

when the soul singsdon't you thinkI'm at a better place? the sorrow you shareI may not hear, forthe grugling soundin me is louder thanyour mournings. I may not weep,but you know, my handsare paralyzed andthe heart is frozen - wipe offyour tears. and you,who are planningto come up withsympathy cards laterbetter don't. I highly regardyour... Continue Reading →

Poetry: On elope, loneliness & separation

Can you see?Can you see the cord you cutis suffocating to breathe?withered and stoic we're impotentto dissolve the memories in tears. It's a new journey, indeedto be cherished but the irony;we're abandoned. In search of the bud bloomedin your secret garden, you'dforgotten the menage broken. you were choosy but we know,you weren't facile even for... Continue Reading →

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