Coherence in expectation

Expectations are the source of hurt – the sickly mantra I often hear from wise souls. I don’t understand why people say this when they certainly want us to have hope in life.

There’s a substantial chunk of hope in every expectation of mine. Often, things go in a different way; if truth to be told, in the exact opposite manner I (we) wished. But when that happens, I don’t sit and do this nail-biting thing nor dramatize my state to others.

When I know there’s a probability for things turning upside down, I prepare myself. Nah, not with a backup plan. But mentally, I get ready to face situations.

I personally don’t encourage people to have backup plans; ’cause, to me,  backup plans doubt one’s ability and undermines their efforts. So, whenever I hear this lame excuse ” backups” I tell myself I should never listen to them for backups are for loafers and hopeless people.

Coming back to the point, people never do what you want them to do. They never say what you want to be heard. Luck follows no standard pattern and so you’ll often be disappointed in them. Our expectations shan’t be inclined towards positives always and it’s never the expectation that brings us disappointments but the absolute assurance in it, I suppose.

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