dear physics teacher

Dear physics teacher,

A long, long time ago, when you’re in the mid twenty’s, there existed a significant bond between us. I’m that backbencher who never stopped annoying you. You probably won’t remember me now, but for some random reason, let me remain anonymous.

I know you’re doing good. I could say it with your whatsapp display picture. No, I’m not peeping furtively, but reassuring if you’re doing well.

though care about your whereabouts, I don’t want to disturb you. Anyway, have I ever crossed your mind lately? No? That’s bad, ‘cause I think of you more often as your words are resonating in my heart.

“dei dei, get out”

Poor me. Words I cannot say I cherish but, deep down, I do. Perhaps, you voiced those words as I never paid attention in class; but, bunking off your classes was never my motive.

I earnestly had magnetism towards elocution. And, I regretted missing your classes though you never valued my presence.

Let bygones be bygones. If you’re reading this letter, then know this – you’re the only teacher who never carried notes to the class nor did you let us open.

You’re open-minded and you discussed many things happening around the globe and let us wander our minds. You weren’t that typical Indian teacher but a hero to me and probably to all I suppose.


I never had time nor courage to say this on my last day at school, so kindly take my million tons of thanks for everything you did in my high-school life.

– your (dis)obedient student.

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