Landmarks lost in time

Years back, when mornings were momentary and journeys seemed long-lasting – I used to make plenty of calls to that only soul mate of mine to finalize whether we’re bunking the classes or not. Upon settling the uncertainties and reaffirming, I would take quick showers, grab my lab coat, and some empty lab manuals and I rapidly descend the stairs.

I need to cross two streets to get to the spot where my bus regularly stops to lodge me in for the everlasting journeys. I deliberately take a stroll to dodge those tiring travels. But, unfortunately, my bus-man seemed exceptionally lazy than me. I detested the spot where I shared moments with my fellow travelers for one particular reason – they all get dolled up in the early hours of dawn only to lecture me on how to easily pull my hair up.

Sometimes, they go deep into the subjects I least cared. Anyway, I still reside in the same flat which is two streets away from that distinctive landmark and I barely get to go there. Though I can make time to visit the spot that stole many of my morning hours, I don’t want to take grudges there nor revive those futile memories.

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