Have lies ever eased your grief?

To me, lies are invisible aegises, and I seek them when I’m drawn nearer to those menacing minutes. When things bother me inordinately, I spontaneously frame stories and notions only to dodge the upcoming disgracing moments.

I suppose we all do this at times in life. Nevertheless, I never expected this would turn into an inevitable habit of mine. Perhaps, truths are over-praised nowadays but, that doesn’t give you the freedom to negatively critique them, right?

I see the hope in lies, a desire to make things happen, and pleasure in resolving impulses. Not every lie I uttered will fetch misfortune. If so, will I go that far to self-destruct? Nah, my lies haven’t hurt me nor others. Yet, at least.

And, honestly speaking, lies entails a pinch of creativity. Don’t you agree with me? They’re merely excuses in disguise.

The disguises meant to save one’s humiliations, which shan’t be overlooked nor be scrutinized. But, what’s ironic is, when I forget to mention stuff, people take it as secrets and lies. Well, what can I say? Lies have got different versions and people solemnly condemn them.

Indeed, all hope to be circled by honest people and so do I. But, there are moments I want to run away, there are moments I wish to switch the topics, there are moments I don’t want to be dumb and that’s how I developed this irresistible habit of lying.

It’s okay to lie at times as long as it helps me find peace and dodge needless talks. Makes sense, right? Yes, it does…to many of us.

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