Her mighty efforts behind an “A”

Half-days were heavenly stopovers back in those backpack days. A pouch, a mickey mouse clipboard, and a book in which almost all lines were highlighted. Nothing more. Reaching the morning spot was plain sailing, for I neither carried assignments nor impositions. Days clearly meant to celebrate. Though things went off without a hitch, her words echoed every time I climbed the stairs to find the exam hall.

You must get an “A.”

Well, her words bothered me a little, but I ignored them just like any other daughter would. And I questioned her a million times in my mind. Why an A? Why 90+ score? Why can’t I just learn what intrigues me and omit the chapters that are nothing but jargons? The 45 would make her take the vow of silence for a week, and a 75 would piss her off.

An 89 seemed like a rare exotic fruit. But, I hardly filled five pages. Even if the evaluator had rewarded me with the fullest mark for all the questions I answered, I know what I would get. I loathed the grading system. I tried to question her but never made an effort to find an answer. Days passed. Years rolled. Now certificates and progress cards are hibernating inside the steel locker of my cupboard.

No recruiters looked into my cgpa nor my tenth-grade marks. All they need to know is how proficient I’m and how great my network is. One evening, I dwelled on the memories of F grades and just pass. I desperately wanted to know why every parent forces their children to grab top grades and pass exams with flying colors.

Is learning all about fulfilling parent’s desires or feeding our minds? Well, my discovery will certainly convince you, if we are on the same page. It’s not to embrace the competitive sport nor taste how pride feels, but to maximize our efforts. Indeed, I had put extra effort into chasing the scores. I had risen early in the mornings to get five extra marks than the previous time.

Chasing A’s and 90’s had definitely stretched my capabilities, and now I know, what to do to shine in the real world. Perhaps great things are achieved by great efforts. Now I see, I can do more than I believe. And maybe I can take confidence shots just by going the extra mile. Thanks to you, Maa. I regret what I carried all the while, and I’ll carry what you had taught me.

_ _ _ _ _

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