Poetry: On elope, loneliness & separation

Can you see?
Can you see the cord you cut
is suffocating to breathe?
withered and stoic we’re impotent
to dissolve the memories in tears.

It’s a new journey, indeed
to be cherished but the irony;
we’re abandoned.

In search of the bud bloomed
in your secret garden, you’d
forgotten the menage broken.

you were choosy but we know,
you weren’t facile even for once; but
now something has blinded your eyes
and let’s not call it a love.

Oh dear,
You’d forgotten to fight, perhaps
you’ll never know what you missed.
the ready yes or an hour later yes;
yes, you’ll never know.

Are you regretting for dumping us
in the bloody tears?
Nah, we say you, this is something
tormenting beyond pain.

_ _ _ _ _

believe it or not,
pain has got it’s versions.
one will make you cry – terribly
and the other will let you wonder
why tears aren’t oozing.

pain lasts a minute
longer than you expected.

sooner or later
you’ll learn, how everyone
are breathing – till then,
just know, you ain’t jammed
in an everlasting bubble
and you ain’t alone.

_ _ _ _ _

I sliced my hope
into layers and flew
fluttering my wings
from the lingering
musings, you gifted;

certainly, afraid to
return for I tried to
discrete the memories
we once made and eventually
abandoned the sweet ones too.

Oh yeah,
you set me free, yet
I’m caged; honestly
striving to elope alone.

_ _ _ _ _

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