When I tried to make memories


I tried to change my mind, but then, I didn’t find the inspiration to change my mind. I wasn’t ready to make the mistake of girdling myself with a bunch of intellects. I’m no proponent of accepting challenges that has the slightest possibility of embarrassment. But that’s the thing with the beginnings, you feel anxious and excited at the same time. So, when I get mixed-up, I go for the polar opposite of my instincts.


Surrounded by gregarious animals, I pondered what exactly am I going to take home that night. Knowledge? Experience? Or am I going to make some new friends? Well, “how to talk” seemed to be the hardest subject to master. A catnap until they begin would help me evade the futile thoughts, I thought. And.. they began; all had this serious face and none seemed to enjoy the session. Wasn’t expecting this sort of conference. Mine had friendly faces, a cozy feel and some cracking lame jokes to warm up the conversation. Shifted my focus to reality.


Scientists on the podium were delivering their content within the given time constraints. It sounded more like an alien language, though I belonged to the same discipline. If infographics and pie-charts weren’t there, I would have snored for sure. However, I envied the listeners next to me. They perceived all the jargons unlike me. And more than that, they don’t need the presenter to spell out the jargon. My scribble pad had the topics though!


Restraining the curious mind was hard, and not knowing the fundamentals hit me hard. Only the panelists seemed to have my level of vocabulary. Perhaps, I don’t fit in the verbal-learning lot, I guessed. There are spots even in sun, right? Sometimes, I wonder if people know the power of simplicity. A simple phrase can spark the listener’s mind. I waited for the hallway conversations, and sadly, none were ready to make inconsequential conversation on the tea breaks. Well, not the chitchats I expected.


I had to run away in the mid of the conference to keep my sanity intact. “Socializing in the minimally stimulating environment is far easier than trying to interact with an intellectually studious soul,” I learned. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have enrolled just because she had.

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