[poem]: Chased by bharals

got up and quickly
scrolled the sites
to find why
I’m being chased in
the darkness of night;

was isolated and
the untamed wilderness
terrifies me for
three more hours.

bharals eyes seemed
to hold grudges and

dashed into the lavatory
to lock myself in but
the door was broken.

tugged and
held it tightly with
four of my left fingers.

not for a moment thought,
a couple of them
would be lying
to feast themselves
right in front of the door.

turned 45 degrees, and
I could see a hopeful sign.
Five sliding glass to
let go the stinky smell
and m e .

couldn’t recall how
I deceived them but
I was freed and running
towards entrance.

afraid they will follow
the trail and they did.

was nearly killed and
I could feel the water
oozing from my
lacrimal glands.

tightly close my eyes and
try to rewrite the intense part
knowing it’s a dream

rushed to the gate
and quickly climbed
and was rescued by
the zookeeper man.

open my eyes, and
scrolled the sites
to find why
they chase me in
the darkness of night;

that I’d never seen
seem to be found in
high Himalayas and are
h e r b i v o r e s.

eased the grief, for
grass and plant eaters
will not harm me; perhaps,
the dream is the result of
nervous breakdown.

closed the result pages
and turned off
the screen and kept
the black lady aside.

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